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Automated Data Mining

Automated Data Mining Solutions

It is an undeniable fact that mining data, transforming them into structured information and using them while making business decisions give a company competitive advantage. But it is not at all easy to execute the process of automated data mining in-house as the task requires skilled expertise and experience in handling different types of unstructured data.

The role of Outsource Data Entry Services (ODES) has already help it’s customers to a great extent. Being experts, we further understand that developing and processing multiple data mining models for our clients on a single mining structure works as an added advantage and helps them in making full proof business predictions. Thus, we are among the handful of service providers who understand the importance of automated data mining.

Steps we follow

At Outsource Data Entry Services (ODES), we believe that providing context for discussion on the automation of different steps is important to make clients feel that they are getting the service they want. Thus, we maintain a scientific approach while executing the task of automated data mining. We divide each project into the following steps:

  • Understanding the problem: We discuss the specifications of a project and try to interpret the objectives the client wishes to achieve.
  • Analyzing of data: We extract data from various sources, estimate their quality and find out the data sets that are relevant to a project.
  • Presentation of data: At this stage, we structure the raw data by implementing processes like data transformation, amalgamation of different data sets, cleansing of data and selection of records and attributes of final data model.
  • Modeling of datasets: Now different metrics and tools are chosen, tuned to their optimum values and applied to the data preparation table.
  • Evaluation of data models: We verify the data analysis models that are created and try to analyze them as per their robustness and objective oriented attributes.
  • Deployment of data: Finally, the data models are put to use so that they can support business decision making processes or can be integrated with the IT systems of one or more organizations.

Plus there are lots of other web based data sources that we investigate.

Our competitive advantages

The automated data mining services provided by Outsource Data Entry Services (ODES) help the clients in meeting the following high-end goals:

  • We provide qualitatively superior and pertinent analytical results.
  • We help in minimizing the intensity of human labor employed in manual data mining. This leads to cost saving while making the delivery of the final output data presented timely and accurate.
  • We meet personalized requirements of our clients by focusing on the specific problems that they face within their market of operation.
  • 99.99% accuracy in our service helps our clients in leveraging the final structured data for supporting corporate decisions and achieving operational progress.