How Businesses Can Keep Up with Data Entry Trends in 2017

Nowadays, modern businesses face the challenge of becoming fully data-driven. This need for having a data driven business operation requires businesses to achieve sound data governance. To maintain integrity and viability of business data and to get an edge over competitors, a business must have a strong data management goal.

Businesses Need to Keep Up with the Latest Technology

Maintaining huge data in a virtual form is not an easy task at all. And to keep up with the huge data that is generated continuously during the course of business, businesses need the help of latest technology and tools offered by data entry outsourcing companies. Cutting edge data entry tools and technologies offered by data entry services help businesses to improve how they use information at both internal and external levels. All successful businesses know that they need to skip the outdated methodologies that are no longer viable. One of the easiest ways to keep up is to outsource your work to a data entry service provider.

Latest Trends in the Data Entry Arena

In 2016, there were certain data tools and technologies that gained popularity. While some of the 2016 trends will continue to rule in 2017 as well, there are some new ones that will be popular this year and in the coming years. Here are some of the trends:

NoSQL Databases

In this year, the NoSQL database will be a trend that will help businesses in achieving success. In case your data requirements are not clearly set or you are dealing with massive amounts of data that is unstructured. NoSQL databases are document-oriented and non-structured data can be stored in a single document. NoSQL database is a non-relational database that improves performance, scalability and flexibility while reducing complexity to the minimum.

Distributed File Stores

This year data entry will achieve higher levels of accuracy with data being stored in multiple nodes in a computer network. This occurs in a replicated design which improves the performance.

Data Virtualisation

In 2017, data virtualisation will be the new technique used by data entry companies to deliver the best output. This technology helps in delivering information from various data sources in real time or near real time.

Data Quality

Data quality will be improved as the software will clean the data efficiently. This will help in enriching the data to improve data accuracy. The redundancy is eliminated through this process.

Data Preparation

The data preparation software helps in sourcing, cleansing and shaping of data. This software also helps in making the sharing of diverse and messy data possible for the purpose of increasing the usefulness of the data.

Data is vital to an enterprise and its functions. Technology helps businesses to handle a wide range of organisational concerns. New technology allows businesses to enhance their returns on investment by improving the operation through optimising the utility of data.



Top 4 Reasons to Outsource Data Entry Services

Nowadays, almost all businesses feel the need of processing as well as digitising. If you digitise all your data, be it through digitising or through manual data entry, you will have easy access to all your information and this, in turn, will boost your operational efficiencies. Now that businesses know that they need data entry services, in most cases, there is a scarcity of manpower. As a solution to this problem, businesses are opting to outsource data entry services. And when it comes to outsourcing data entry, the discussion is incomplete without the renowned data entry outsourcing firm Outsource Data Entry Services. We take care of all your data entry needs. If you outsource your data entry work to professionals, you will see the increased quality of work yourself. Different companies have different types of data entry requirements such as data entry from scanned invoices, images, product catalogues, scanned records, forms, online research, data conversion, charts, extracting data from different sources, data processing and many more. Here are some reasons why you should outsource data entry services, are discussed:

  1. Focus on core competency

If a business has both core and non-core process, then if can take a lot of money to implement non-core processes such as data entry in-house. This is because, if you want to implement data entry in-house, you will not only have to hire data entry executives who are efficient in their work, but also have to buy more office space to give space to your employees. Apart from these, you have to pay bonuses to your employees, deploy new technologies, recruit managers etc. and all these will require a lot of money as well as time. But if you outsource your data entry work, then you will be saved from all these problems and focus more on core competency. This way, you will be able to gain more profits.

  1. Access to better talent

When you are outsourcing your data entry work, know that you will be able to hire the best talent available. Businesses understand the need and importance of outsourcing data entry services to experienced professionals, as they know their job well and make sure that they provide the best services to their clients.

  1. Low operational costs

You cannot deny the fact that all businesses work towards lowering their operational costs. When a company is outsourcing its data entry work, it is actually saving the costs that is related to infrastructure, technology, business operations as well as labour.

  1. Use of latest technology

Every business wants high quality and high performance services. This is why, data entry outsourcing firms make sure that they provide top quality services using the latest technology. This makes sure that the service is quicker and faster.

Outsourcing your data entry services has a number of advantages and the above four are only a few of them. In order to get the best out of your outsourced work, always choose a good data entry outsourcing company.


Outsourcing Data Entry Services Affect Business Cycle in 2017

Outsourcing data entry means contracting an outside service provider to perform an operation or activity on behalf of your business. Outsourcing data entry helps a business achieve error-free and high quality output at a lower investment. Data entry is one of the crucial tasks in business operations. Although it might be easier and unnecessary to some, it forms the basis of decision making. When a business operates, it generates information in the process. This information is usually in physical form. Converting information from physical to digital form is done through data entry services.

Outsourcing data entry services has many benefits due to which it is preferred by most business. Data entry services assists a business in achieving smoother and stronger operational system by supporting business cycle and quick decision making process.

Here is how outsourcing data entry services affect your business cycle.

Reduces operational cost

As business, it is your top priority to reduce operational cost. Outsourcing data entry work helps in minimising the cost of operation. This is proves to very beneficial for the business, especially during the times of economic decline.  It helps in downsizing the needs to hire and maintain the employees for the data entry work. When you hire professionals for data entry work, you will have to invest in the infrastructure like place to sit. Apart from that systems and technology must be up-to-date. This means you will have to regularly pay for the upgrade of software.  This can be over expenditure, if you do not have that much of data entry work.

Business does not have to invest in the infrastructure required for in-house data entry team. Data entry helps you to get rid of the need to invest in paper and files. The need for physical storage space is also reduced.

Increased Productivity

Data entry work is a very monotonous job to do. It can put unnecessary pressure on both the management (in case an in-house team is maintained) and employees (in case the regular employees are trained to handle data entry work). By outsourcing data entry work, you can remove the stress from the management and employees. This will allow them to focus better on the core business operations. Your business will get the advantage of better planning and improved handling of competitors.

Apart from this, data entry services will ensure that you get the output on time. The output is produced on time even in case of emergency. This ensures that data is available for decision making on time.  Also, keeping data records provide a base for better decision making for your company. Better decisions means better business cycle.

Transfer of Risk

Businesses have to face various amounts of risk, especially during the time of recession. There are some risks involved when a data entry project is being conducted. Risk like sudden technology and software change, security theft, etc. When you outsource data entry work, the risk is transferred to your outsourcing service provider.

Outsourcing data entry work helps you strike a balance in your business cycle. If you outsource data from India you can even get time zone benefits. Thus, it can be said that outsourcing data entry services is most beneficial for business.