Need a Data Entry Service: Look before You Leap

Data entry is the process of entering data from a written or printed format into the computer systems. Are you looking for a data entry company that fits your business needs? There are many things about data entry outsourcing that you must learn.

Kinds of data entry services

Online data entry consists of entering data online. It includes services like online data entry, data entry of catalogue, online image entry, online data entry eBooks and online data entry databases. Online data entry has many benefits. It helps in saving time and produces accurate work.

Offline data entry services includes services like offline data collection, listing URL, offline data capturing, offline form filing, form processing, filling excel sheet, word document entry eBooks, business cards, catalogue, labels, database programs and offline data entry from mailing. Efficient and budget-friendly data entry work is produced.

There are many other types of data entry services that your service provider may offer. These services include directory services, image entry services and eBook data entry services.

Tips to choose a good data entry service

If your business needs to outsource data entry services, then first step is to shortlist few data entry companies. The companies that you have selected must be then compared on the aspects mentioned below to arrive at the best company.


When one is selecting a data entry company, the most important aspect is to check the quality of work provided. One should look into the reviews of the previous clients to know about the quality of work and services that the selected company provides. Some people may think that price is the deciding factor while choosing data entry services, and that’s not totally untrue. But quality should never be compromised to cut costs.

Reasonable cost

The data entry service that you are selecting should not be charging you fortunes to provide good quality. A high quality work achieved at a reasonable price is the advantage of outsourcing data entry work.


You are investing in the data entry work, if you don’t have any idea who is going to handle your data then you are at a loss. Just imagine outsourcing data entry work to a company which has amateur and unskilled employees! Therefore, before finalising a company you must check how many employees it has and whether the employees are skilled or not.

If your data entry service provider has skilled and experienced professionals. They can manage the data proficiently and perform better in case of emergency or difficult situations.


When you hand over your data to a company, you must be assured that your data is safe. The data entry company you choose must have a reliable policy to maintain security of clients. Employees must not be allowed to bring CD, USB or other storage devices. The office premises must be secured with surveillance cameras.

Technology and methods

The service provider must be using the latest technology and data entry software. The company you choose must also use processes or methods that produce the best work.