Three Reasons to Outsource Data Entry Work

The benefits of outsourcing are many to count. For one, companies that operate in First World countries, often find it difficult to afford labour from their home countries. Compared to the rates charged by first-world labourers, workers in the Third World prove to be much more lenient on the pockets of the big companies. This alone (cost consideration) explains a large part of the reason why outsourcing became so popular with most big-shot IT companies in the West. And the most preferred outsourcing destinations are, not surprisingly, the countries of India and China. India especially, has been a hot favourite with Information Technology firms, ever since the IT boom of Bengaluru took place back in the early 2000’s. Alongside the regular call centre jobs, other functions such as data-related work (data entry, data processing, data mining etc.) are also regularly outsourced to Indian shores. The benefits of outsourcing are many, a few of which are detailed out below:

• First, outsourcing saves the client company a great deal of time and money. Data-related work, besides being quite laborious and tiring, is also extremely time-consuming. This makes it impossible for small firms with limited manpower to finish all data entry tasks within the deadline. To make up for the staff crunch, the firms are then forced to recruit additional people who have to be paid fulltime salaries along with the added benefits of yearly/quarterly bonuses, paid leaves etc. Outsourcing data entry jobs to India solves both these problems; not only does the data entry company get all the work done within the stipulated period, but it also saves the client company a lot of ‘additional hiring’ expenses.

• Every firm should be on the lookout for a business partner which would best serve its long-term interests. By opting to outsource to a reliable data entry firm, a company is, therefore, giving itself the chance to come across an organisation which would provide it with services tailor-made to suit the client’s needs. This is extremely important for any firm, since its productivity and (hence) reputation depends upon the rate of completion of important projects.

• As has already been said before, outsourcing firms relieve the client company of all the latter’s data entry responsibilities. As a result, a large part of the company’s workforce is then rendered free with more time to spare regarding other important work of the company. To put it simply, the company’s staff would be able to concentrate on the more important areas of business; once the burden of data entry has been lifted off their shoulders. Thus, this would add tremendously to the productivity of the company.

• Last, but not the least, labour in India (or any other Third World country) is immensely cheap compared to the home countries of the client companies. This point speaks for itself. There’s nothing more attractive to a commercial organisation than an opportunity to slash its costs of production.

Basically, these are the main reasons why a company would want to outsource all work related to data entry.