Outsourcing Data Entry Services to India: A Brief Overview

In this fast-paced digital world, almost all critical operations are data-driven, whereby data entry services, such as data processing and data management play a pivotal role in the growth of a business. Data entry is an umbrella term for a broad range of services, including data mining, data processing, data archiving, and data analysis. For many distinct advantages, companies across the globe are outsourcing their data entry to offshore companies, from faster outcomes, better infrastructure to lower overhead. This article will walk you through some of the essential aspects of outsourcing data entry to India.

Types of Data Entry Services in India

Data entry is much more than transcribing written materials into different digital formats. Since data processing and data management constitute a major part of businesses these days, data entry is not limited to transferring data into electronic devices and has broadened its scope to encompass a broad range of services.
Here’s a list of different types of data entry services offered in India that can improve the efficiency of your business by and by.

 Data Entry Services: Some of the common types of data entry services include online data entry, offline data entry, data capturing, document indexing, etc.
 Document Conversion Services: Excel formatting, document digitisation, PDF conversion, and other forms of conversions constitute the document conversion services.
 Scanning Services: The major variants of scanning include book scanning, forms and invoice scanning, microfilm scanning, etc.
 Data Mining Services: This is not just limited to manual data mining, as you consider other forms of mining, such as web research and automated data mining.
 Forms Processing Services:
From registration forms data entry, insurance claim forms data entry, student application forms data entry, enrollment forms data entry, coupons data entry to loan forms data entry, your options are limitless.
 Others: There are numerous other types of data entry services on offer, eCommerce data entry, eBook publishing, directory data entry, book data entry, business card data entry, exhibitors directory data entry, mailing list data entry, real estate data entry, resume data entry, are only to name a few.

Competitive Advantages of Choosing India as an Outsource Partner

India is gradually evolving to become a leading destination for outsourcing data entry services, and it’s not hard to guess why. If you are still sceptical about it, here are the competitive advantages of data entry that will make you rethink your options.

 Cheaper Workforce
 Leading-edge Infrastructure
 Reliable Services
 Faster Outcomes
 Complete Data Security
 Lower Overhead Charges

Many companies invest a large sum of money on overheads and staffing, while these additional costs can be deployed effectively for improving revenues and in the expansion of your business. By hiring a data entry partner, you can not only transfer the burdensome operations but also manoeuvre your resources to focus on your core business activities.

Considering the fact that the market is booming with several data entry companies, selecting the right partner can be quite a challenging task. This is why it’s essential to research your options to find out what suits best for your company.


Outsourcing Data Entry Services Affect Business Cycle in 2017

Outsourcing data entry means contracting an outside service provider to perform an operation or activity on behalf of your business. Outsourcing data entry helps a business achieve error-free and high quality output at a lower investment. Data entry is one of the crucial tasks in business operations. Although it might be easier and unnecessary to some, it forms the basis of decision making. When a business operates, it generates information in the process. This information is usually in physical form. Converting information from physical to digital form is done through data entry services.

Outsourcing data entry services has many benefits due to which it is preferred by most business. Data entry services assists a business in achieving smoother and stronger operational system by supporting business cycle and quick decision making process.

Here is how outsourcing data entry services affect your business cycle.

Reduces operational cost

As business, it is your top priority to reduce operational cost. Outsourcing data entry work helps in minimising the cost of operation. This is proves to very beneficial for the business, especially during the times of economic decline.  It helps in downsizing the needs to hire and maintain the employees for the data entry work. When you hire professionals for data entry work, you will have to invest in the infrastructure like place to sit. Apart from that systems and technology must be up-to-date. This means you will have to regularly pay for the upgrade of software.  This can be over expenditure, if you do not have that much of data entry work.

Business does not have to invest in the infrastructure required for in-house data entry team. Data entry helps you to get rid of the need to invest in paper and files. The need for physical storage space is also reduced.

Increased Productivity

Data entry work is a very monotonous job to do. It can put unnecessary pressure on both the management (in case an in-house team is maintained) and employees (in case the regular employees are trained to handle data entry work). By outsourcing data entry work, you can remove the stress from the management and employees. This will allow them to focus better on the core business operations. Your business will get the advantage of better planning and improved handling of competitors.

Apart from this, data entry services will ensure that you get the output on time. The output is produced on time even in case of emergency. This ensures that data is available for decision making on time.  Also, keeping data records provide a base for better decision making for your company. Better decisions means better business cycle.

Transfer of Risk

Businesses have to face various amounts of risk, especially during the time of recession. There are some risks involved when a data entry project is being conducted. Risk like sudden technology and software change, security theft, etc. When you outsource data entry work, the risk is transferred to your outsourcing service provider.

Outsourcing data entry work helps you strike a balance in your business cycle. If you outsource data from India you can even get time zone benefits. Thus, it can be said that outsourcing data entry services is most beneficial for business.


Pertinent Points on Technical Outsourcing

It is a rising trend to outsource data entry jobs to India. It is not surprising, because India has become famous as a premier destination for outsourcing when it comes to the IT industry. Customer care jobs apart, tasks such as form conversion, data entry, eBook publishing, data mining etc. are also frequently outsourced to India by various big-shot foreign corporate companies. Not only is labour in India is inexpensive, but Indians are also known to be hard-working and dedicated to their jobs. Most of these companies (to which these jobs are outsourced to) execute all assigned work with utmost perfection and deliver them to the client within the ascribed deadline. This alone is enough to account for the overwhelming popularity of the subcontinent as an outsourcing destination. However, this is not the only reason why outsourcing is so popular. There are innumerable benefits associated with palming off low-level, ‘of basic nature’ technical jobs to India. These are as follows:

  • First and foremost of all, it is a known fact that outsourcing all menial jobs which are of a very tedious and harrowing nature, serves greatly to free the company’s workers of all the excessive workload. This enables them to participate in the more important and central functions of the company. Outsourcing data entry jobs to India is thus, very profitable.
  • Secondly, data entry and data mining jobs are sometimes extremely huge in volume, and hence, those are extremely time-consuming to take care of. So if any company wants to get them done by themselves, then it should hire a huge workforce; much more than it would need if the whole workload was outsourced. All the excess labour would mean putting a lot of pressure on the finances of the company.  Apart from the regular salary, there would be yearly and festive bonuses, performance appraisal, casual leaves and all other such stuff. On the other hand, outsourcing would relieve them of all such extra expenses.
  • Thirdly, labour charges in the US and the other First World nations are astronomical. On the other hand, labour charges in the Subcontinent are extremely low. So that way, a lot of the expenses would be saved.
  • As has been mentioned before already, it is nearly impossible to avoid human errors when jobs such as data entry are left to low-skill workers. And if technical workers were to be hired, one would need to install more computers and impart training to the newly hired batch of workers. This would entail huge infrastructural expenses. Outsourcing would give you a chance to avoid all that and yet get the work done. To make things better, hiring workers would mean recurring expenses throughout the year, while payments to outsourcing units are a one-time thing.

Thus, as can be seen above, outsourcing is an immensely important thing when it comes to saving up on expenses and (thereby) keeping the prices low and competitive. And if you manage to find an outsourcing partner who would be able to sync all their functions according to your needs and tailor their services to the requirements of your company, then you’d rapidly surge ahead of all competition in the industry.