Pertinent Points on Technical Outsourcing

It is a rising trend to outsource data entry jobs to India. It is not surprising, because India has become famous as a premier destination for outsourcing when it comes to the IT industry. Customer care jobs apart, tasks such as form conversion, data entry, eBook publishing, data mining etc. are also frequently outsourced to India by various big-shot foreign corporate companies. Not only is labour in India is inexpensive, but Indians are also known to be hard-working and dedicated to their jobs. Most of these companies (to which these jobs are outsourced to) execute all assigned work with utmost perfection and deliver them to the client within the ascribed deadline. This alone is enough to account for the overwhelming popularity of the subcontinent as an outsourcing destination. However, this is not the only reason why outsourcing is so popular. There are innumerable benefits associated with palming off low-level, ‘of basic nature’ technical jobs to India. These are as follows:

  • First and foremost of all, it is a known fact that outsourcing all menial jobs which are of a very tedious and harrowing nature, serves greatly to free the company’s workers of all the excessive workload. This enables them to participate in the more important and central functions of the company. Outsourcing data entry jobs to India is thus, very profitable.
  • Secondly, data entry and data mining jobs are sometimes extremely huge in volume, and hence, those are extremely time-consuming to take care of. So if any company wants to get them done by themselves, then it should hire a huge workforce; much more than it would need if the whole workload was outsourced. All the excess labour would mean putting a lot of pressure on the finances of the company.  Apart from the regular salary, there would be yearly and festive bonuses, performance appraisal, casual leaves and all other such stuff. On the other hand, outsourcing would relieve them of all such extra expenses.
  • Thirdly, labour charges in the US and the other First World nations are astronomical. On the other hand, labour charges in the Subcontinent are extremely low. So that way, a lot of the expenses would be saved.
  • As has been mentioned before already, it is nearly impossible to avoid human errors when jobs such as data entry are left to low-skill workers. And if technical workers were to be hired, one would need to install more computers and impart training to the newly hired batch of workers. This would entail huge infrastructural expenses. Outsourcing would give you a chance to avoid all that and yet get the work done. To make things better, hiring workers would mean recurring expenses throughout the year, while payments to outsourcing units are a one-time thing.

Thus, as can be seen above, outsourcing is an immensely important thing when it comes to saving up on expenses and (thereby) keeping the prices low and competitive. And if you manage to find an outsourcing partner who would be able to sync all their functions according to your needs and tailor their services to the requirements of your company, then you’d rapidly surge ahead of all competition in the industry.


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