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Coupons Data Entry

Outsource Coupons Data Entry

Coupons always act as the most powerful catalyst that inspires the consumer market. Companies offering coupons for their products and services find that there is this trick suddenly enhances customer inquiry and subsequent salability.

But it cannot be denied either that giving out coupons increases paperwork of these companies which simultaneously needs proper management. It becomes even more challenging for these companies to track necessary customer details from this huge bulk of paperwork. While such an act leads to inferior customer service, the continuous engagement of the in-house staffs in coupon data entry and processing hampers their core processes.

At Outsource Data Entry Services (ODES), we understand how important it is to provide dedicated coupon processing service to our clients. Thus, our deadline oriented, high quality and cost effective solutions ensure that their customers cannot complain about mediocre customer service anymore. At the same time, our clients remain assured that they can now focus towards their core activities. Multiple options of output format and 99.99% precision in service are the key factors which have helped Outsource Data Entry Services (ODES) enjoy client retention since the time of its launch.

Services we provide

Our primary aim is to be the ideal outsourcing partner of companies of different sizes and profiles. Thus, we believe in providing complete coupon data entry and processing service. Here is list of some of our services:

  • Exploring web resources for coupon codes
  • Processing coupon data with sales offers
  • Executing coupon data entry with product and manufacturer details
  • Making online and offline coupon database entry from handwritten review coupons
  • Processing both structured and unstructured coupon data

Our competitive advantages

  • Exactness in work
  • Outsource Data Entry Services (ODES) has always banked upon quality for every project that has been sent by the clients. Therefore, manual intervention after each process and incorporation of double keying method work as a bonus on our mechanized tools that check the quality of each of the processed output file before they get dispatched.

  • Mining multiple data formats
  • Since our esteemed clients represent different profiles, the inbound coupon data that they send also vary a lot. Some clients send us handwritten survey data and hardcopies of discount coupon application form. Likewise, others supply data that are filled in by their customers in their online discount forms. Our infrastructural strength helps us in mining data of different formats, sizes and lengths with same consistency.