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Document Conversion Services

Save your costs by Outsourcing Document Conversion Services

Most new companies as well as small and medium-sized ones need to utilise their resources to the utmost in order to make profits. It is proven that outsourcing the non-core tasks of your business not only saves money but also helps to streamline your resources.

Document conversion is one such task that can be best achieved when left to the experts. By doing so, you will be able to focus on developing your business without worrying about the smaller and tedious, yet essential business tasks.

The full range of document conversion services that we provide include:

  • Document Digitization Services: This service involves the conversion of paper or manual documents into digital formats such as text, PDF, xls, tiff, and so on.
  • Data Conversion Services: High-quality keyboarding as well as re-keying small amounts of high-value materials is a part of data conversion services. It also includes mass scanning and processing of books, magazines, journals and newspapers.
  • Excel Formatting Services: It involves manual data entry to convert data into Excel format.
  • Word Formatting Services: Give a professional and seamless look to all your business documents by using our Word formatting services.
  • OCR Services: It involves the process of scanning papers documents and images to retrieve raw data and transferring them into machine-editable formats for further processing.
  • PDF Conversion Services: This service includes converting your business documents in different file formats into PDF documents for ease of access and sharing.

Benefits of Professional Document Conversion Services

  • Enjoy high accuracy of output and faster turnaround.
  • Make informed business decisions with documents in usable formats.
  • Collaborate well with your business partners and stakeholders.
  • Save costs and increase profits with professional services.
  • Enjoy customisable and scalable services as per your business needs.

Why Outsource to Us?

The document conversion services provided by us are discrete as we use cutting-edge technology to maintain the security of your business data and valuable documents. We provide managed document conversion solutions to help you to save costs and increase your profits from business.

By using high-end software and manual data entry, we are able to capture, digitise and convert huge quantities of raw data into digital formats that can be stored, accessed, edited and analysed easily.