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eBook Publishing Services

Outsourcing eBook Publishing Services

Gone are those days when writers had to run from doors to doors for convincing a publisher to publish their works. Thanks to the advent of eBook publishing service which has helped writers in putting their career on proper track. This self publishing service has helped them in publishing their works as and when they want and win the attention of their targeted audience.

But at Outsource Data Entry Services (ODES) we understand that eBook publishing is a broad umbrella which integrates a number of services. Therefore, we believe that this service is the utmost requirement of a wide gamut of people besides writers. So, we provide a lot more to our clients who come to us for publishing their manuscripts and eBooks.

Services we provide

  • Conversion to editable format:
  • In order to convert the eBook formats, the first step is to convert the books received into editable format. If the books are in hard copy, the following process is followed

    Scanning: Scan each page of book in high resolution and save them in JPG or PDF format.

    OCR: The scanned pages are converted to editable format by doing OCR, proof reading to check the quality.

    The proofread book is applied with tags to produce .ePub or .mobi format that are used in most popular devices.

  • Cover designing service:
  • Clients who come to us ask for unique cover designs of their eBooks and manuscripts so that the works win traffic attention. Our upgraded infrastructure and industry trained cover designers help them get their specified cover designing service.

  • Customized services:
  • We help our clients in inserting graphs, pie charts, histograms, images and other add-ons into their ‘textual only’ manuscripts to increase their credibility.

Our competitive advantage

  • Pricing strategy:
  • We are confident that the quality of eBook publishing services that we provide at prices we charge are unbeatable. We also offer clients complete freedom to control the prices of eBook publishing.

  • Quality assurance:
  • Each eBook and manuscript sent to us passes through rigorous inspection to detect typos and other errors. Our trained copy editors create error free copies of these input sources at no extra charge.

  • Client friendly approach:
  • We believe in transparency with our clients. So, clients remain assured that they would not have to pay anything other than what has not been quoted by us. We initiate our clients about our progress at every stage of work.

  • Flexibility of formats:
  • We accept manuscripts of any format and assure that the output will be in the exact client preferred format.

  • Free trial:
  • In order to help new clients test the quality of our service, we provide free of cost trial service.