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Enrollment Forms Data Entry

Outsource Your Enrollment Forms Data Entry Requirements

Enrollment forms find use in array of service industries such as healthcare sectors, educational institutes, financial firms and insurance agencies. Again, processing of enrollment forms ranges from filling up of forms for new registrants, updating latest data of existing members, making provision for new services and opening enrollment accounts. So, executing these processes in-house requires skills, eye for detailing and knowledge of the different regulatory measures. Thus, it kills time and leads to drainage of money in fruitless tasks! Hence, outsourcing enrollment forms data entry and processing is undoubtedly the best solution for every business.

Outsource Data Entry Services (ODES) assures to take the entire responsibility of these non-core jobs. Our simultaneous claim to provide the most professional services at the least rates makes us stand apart from other service providers of the industry. We have sculpted our offerings to cater to manifold industry verticals so that we can become the ultimate choice of customers of different profiles.

Our workflow

Since provision of 99.99% accuracy and winning customer satisfaction is our ultimate goal, we follow a stringent operational process.

  • Receiving inbound documents:
  • Whether in electronic form or printed format, we receive files of different formats. We also encourage sending of input documents through different channels.

  • Allotment of work:
  • The assignments are now distributed among our team of experts. Each work is saved in the account of each of these professionals so that specific client requirements can be met together with adherence to accuracy and consistency in service. The operators execute enrollment forms data entry and processing during this process.

  • Quality check:
  • Quality check is a part and parcel of every process followed at Outsource Data Entry Services (ODES). Thus, we employ manual double keying method together with automated checking processes with ICR and OCR to remove wild data at every stage.

  • Dispatching the completed work:
  • The completed assignments are finally checked by our auditors and quality reports are generated. The files are converted into client specified formats such as PDF, Access, Word, Excel, HTML, etc. We also keep requests of dispatching output files through formats like FTP, DVD, email, etc.

Services we offer

We enjoy client loyalty across the global periphery since our services suit the needs of different industries. Our offline and online enrollment forms data entry services are as follows:

  • Processing patients’ enrollment forms for healthcare institutions
  • Processing retirement enrollment forms
  • Processing of students’ enrollment forms for educational institutions
  • Processing claimants’ enrollment forms for insurance agencies

Our advantages

  • Our expert professionals and automated applications ensure 99.99% accuracy in work.
  • We offer confidentiality of your data with bespoke services