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ePub Conversion Services

Outsource ePub Conversion Services

While digitization of conventional books and manuscripts has viral appeal today, there is a simultaneous demand for eBook conversion services. Actually, converting an eBook into different formats helps in their ready acceptance in popular distribution channels like Amazon Kindle, iPhone, Sony Reader, etc.

We at Outsource Data Entry Services (ODES) have carved out a special place for us in this competitive environment. We are appreciated by our clients for the qualitatively most superior eBook conversion services at the unbelievingly slashed down rates that we offer! Thanks to our decades of hands-on experience, industry trained professional work force and technologically upgraded infrastructure which have helped us to retain the loyalty of our clients ever since we entered the industry.

Services we provide

Clients consider us as their corporate partners. In reciprocation to this honor, we have made it a point to provide the most comprehensive eBook conversion service so that we can continue to be their one stop solution provider. Our team of experts works hand-in-hand with our clients to help them go through the processes of conversion of printed texts and manuscripts into digitized format. Thus, clients depend upon us for the most customized eBook conversions.

Following are the services we provide:

  • eBook conversion services
  • Developing responsive eBooks by using CSS3 and HTML5
  • eBook conversion to Kindle format
  • Conversion of XML data
  • ePub Conversion
  • Creating improved multimedia enabled eBook
  • Conversion and digitization of print media

There are more to it. Basically, we offer an array of eBook conversion services.

So, write to us today to discuss your assignment!

Our competitive advantage

We have reasons strong enough that testify that our services will give you value worth your money.

  • Enhancement of quality:
  • Our highly professional team of experts emphasize upon 99.99% accuracy in work. Hence, we guarantee that post our conversion services your eBooks will become better than what you submitted to us initially.

  • Economical solutions:
  • Our high end software and advanced infrastructure helps our team in management, transformation and publication of every eBook deploying only one system! Plus, our upgraded machineries are able to execute bulk conversions at a go without the slightest compromise in quality. This technically improved environment at Outsource Data Entry Services (ODES) helps us in quoting the most competitive prices.

  • Faster service:
  • Whether you give us individual tasks or hand over bulk electronic contents for conversion, our infrastructural support helps us in fast execution of work. Hence, you can be assured that your eBooks will get electronically distributed much faster than what you have expected. This will eventually boost up their marketing and promotional processes.

One of the key to our success is consistency of service that we guarantee.