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Handwritten Document Data Entry

Digitalize your manuscript

If you need a service provider to convert your handwritten documents into your preferred format, your search ends here. At Outsource Data Entry Services (ODES) we provide you 99.99% accuracy in processing your handwritten documents and converting them into electronic formats.

Our team has good experience in dealing with handwritten data entry and converts them into customized formats. Since we understand that handwritten data have their own importance and electronic database is not applicable everywhere, our composite handwritten data entry solutions prove extremely handy for different business needs.

Services we provide

In order to meet client specification in the most precise manner, we offer data entry services from a range of handwritten sources.

  • Handwritten municipal records of births and deaths in an area.
  • Handwritten data entry of airway bills, survey forms, accounts sheets, time sheets, journals, etc.
  • Medical reports, work orders, memos, etc, in handwritten format.
  • Handwritten entry of data into financial and legal documents.
  • Handwritten data entry service for resumes, archives, etc.
  • Handwritten sources containing calculations and assessment of data.

We offer more handwritten data entry services to our clients. Call us today and discuss your requirements!

Reasons why you can rely on us

  • Quality assurance:
  • At Outsource Data Entry Services (ODES India), you can always remain confident that there will not be any compromise in quality of service we provide. We integrate latest processes like Optical Character Recognition (OCR), Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR) together with manual double keying method to achieve close to 100% accuracy in work. Plus, we conduct quality check after each process to eliminate even the slightest chances of errors.

  • Flexibility in data acceptance and delivery
  • We can deal with handwritten data that comes from various sources, such as submission forms, manuscripts, statistical database and accounts sheets. Our team can work in the most case sensitive manner to convert any handwritten data into digitized format. Likewise, clients who request for handwritten data entry of their final output file are also attended by our team of proofreaders, operators and editors with assurance of high quality service.

  • Multichannel data transfer
  • In order to help our clients with the most prompt services, we have upgraded our distribution channels. Thus, clients can send their raw and unstructured data to our remote location through secured browsers, FTP, emails and CDs and DVDs. Simultaneously, we also encourage client generated data that come to us in paperback and hardcover formats. Clients can always feel free to receive the completed tasks through the mode of transfer they prefer.

  • Fast turnaround
  • We are among the handful of service providers who never fail deadline. Whether you give us the responsibility to handle bulk work or ask us to complete small projects, the latest tools we have and the efficiency of our operators in producing a million key strokes per day can assure you of high quality time pressed services.