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Invoice Scanning Services

Outsource Invoice Scanning & Invoice Processing

Outsource Data Entry Services (ODES), the first choice for cost-effective Invoice Scanning services. Our services empower our customers to instantaneously retrieve records on the internet. The invoice scanning services are custom built for suiting clients’ needs. Our team of experts makes scanning invoices hassle free and easy. By using scanners for digitizing invoices, we provide automated solutions to the tiresome work of feeding information to computers.

Our invoice scanning services offer accurate data capture and significant cost savings. With our services, every part of invoice data can be extracted namely invoice date, invoice number, quantity, amount, supplier code, item name, item description, Tax etc. The invoice scanning solution offered by our experts is beneficial for the environment as the scanner helps in digitizing information that minimizes paper waste. With us, clients can avail the benefits of accurate invoice processing with less human resource and in reduced time limit. Contact us today to talk about your requirements and get a free trial.

At Outsource Data Entry Services (ODES), we are steadfast in understanding the means in which our customers work and tailoring a service which best caters to their needs. This, in combination with our extensive experience in both data collection technology and scanning ensures that every project is completed within a brief span of time, in a pocket friendly way and above all with minimum customer interruption. Our invoice scanning service helps in automating the time-consuming practice of collecting, submitting, granting as well as paying check requests and supplier invoices. With us, customers can take their time back as we help them speed up their invoice process.

Benefits of our invoice scanning services

  • Fewer administrative fuss
  • Clear insight into every purchase invoice status
  • Prevention of duplicate payments and invoices
  • Efficient and faster routing in the administration/li>
  • Qualitative enhancement of administrative processes
  • Consistent existing insight into one’s financial liabilities

With Outsource Data Entry Services (ODES), customers will assertively be able in eliminating their paper account payable filing system enabling them to locate any invoice in few seconds. Our invoice scanning service along with being highly secure can also be tailored as per customers’ specification. Our professionals can streamline clients’ ability of storing, accessing as well as managing documents and files while cutting costs. We have carved a name for ourselves in the industry owing to our remarkably efficient and truly unique invoice scanning services.

Why us?

  • Increased performance, productivity and cost benefits
  • Accurate and efficient invoice scanning
  • Reduces storage
  • Cuts down retrieval costs
  • Eliminates misplaced and lost invoices