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Loan Forms Data Entry

Outsource Loan Forms Data Entry Services

There was a time when financial problem was a concerning issue for individuals and businesses. But the availability of loans has completely eased that anxiety. There are different loan offers that are available in the market today. While business loans help companies in taking up and executing orders bigger than their actual capacity, property loans and car loans are helping individuals in building assets.

Although loans have literally brought an end to most financial problems, filling the loan forms accurately and processing them is a headache. It becomes even more complicated for a firm which has to concentrate on its core activities simultaneously. Thus, Outsource Data Entry Services (ODES) is among the top rated service providers today which provide loan forms data entry and processing services for a gamut of industry verticals. Our commitment to provide highly customized services and 99.99% accuracy have made us attune our offerings to fit the requirements of real estate agencies, financing companies, banks, investment institutions, plus many other sectors.

Services we offer

Since our clients belong to different sectors of the industry, their requirements are different. But our intention is to sculpt our offerings in such a way that we become the most reliable one stop solution provider for each and every loan forms data entry and processing requirements.

Advantages of our services

We take pride in our highly systematic approach of loan processing. Below is the evidence of the same:

  • Retention of confidentiality: We understand the importance of confidentiality of inbound data in client supplied loan forms. Therefore, we rely upon dedicated browsers and distribution channels for receiving and sending data.
  • Maintaining accuracy: We know how significant it is for a business to receive relevant and verified datasets. Therefore, we implement both manual quality control and auditing as well as automated processes like OCR and ICR to attain 99.99% accuracy. We aim at dispelling even the slightest chances of existence of wild or irrelevant data in the finally processed loan forms.
  • Customizing offerings as per client specifications: Our team of professionals includes business experts and technical connoisseurs who can mine, interpret and process both structured and non-structured data. Thus, we cater to specific client needs by transforming loan forms into formats like tabular, columnar, questionnaires, surveys, etc. We also transfer processed loan forms via FTP, emails, or make direct entry into their electronic databases.