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Manual Data Mining

Manual Data Mining Service at Affordable Prices

Raw data comes from different sources. They are available in different formats and types. But different clients have different specifications as far as the data mining processes and format of the final datasets are concerned. To be honest, trying to execute these customized data mining processes in-house can appear extremely tedious and time consuming. The job can even divert the attention of the employees from the core tasks that are central to the functioning of the business. So, outsourcing such requirements to a credible data mining service provider is always a cost effective and beneficial solution.

At Outsource Data Entry Services (ODES), we have the required infrastructure to execute 99.99% accurate client specified data mining services. Our hands-on expertise in the sector has made us realize that raw data which comes from multiple sources are either unstructured or as semi-structured. It requires manual data mining services for capturing, entering and indexing these metadata with utmost precision.

The benefits of outsourcing manual data mining processes

While manual data mining is applicable for different types of business, outsourcing is the most convenient methods since the task needs to be done manually. Here are the benefits of outsourcing your manual data mining requirements:

  • Professional execution of the job of manual data mining and conversion make it much faster than in-house employees who are not skilled in this activity.
  • Less chances of mistakes help in faster turnaround of the tasks that have been assigned.
  • Prompt generation of results at a much affordable rate with no hidden costs in the process.
  • Professionalism of the service providing firm ensures that confidentiality of all the data resources will be preserved.

Our competitive advantage

  • Time pressed professional solutions: We help our clients in concentrating in their core processes as we assure them of our strictly deadline oriented services.
  • Client specified services: Since we extract data from hardcopies as well as softcopies and web resources, we offer different solutions as per the client specifications. We also distribute these mined data to the clients though their preferred channels.
  • Industry trained expert panel: Since our operators are specifically trained, they mine the exact data that are relevant to your business and structure them into usable information. Thus, we help you in meeting your business requirements.
  • Accuracy in service: The guaranteed 99.99% accuracy of work provided by our experienced team of operators help in lowering your operating costs.