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Membership Directory Data Entry Services

Outsourcing data entry of membership directories

If you need to convert membership directories that are in hard copy or available in online sources then you do not have to spend time on it personally or hire someone for the job in house as the cost of developing an in-house team for the purpose might not be cost-effective. You can actually enjoy better quality of services by hiring professionals who are specialized in doing member’s directory data entry.

Passing on such non-core work to offshore outsourcing companies is not only cost-effective but also you can ensure high quality of output based on the expertise of the company you outsource to. With years of experience in the field, we at Outsource Data Entry Services (ODES) can provide you with the quality of work that you can use effectively to make informed decisions regarding your business.

What is Membership Directory Data Entry?

Directory data entry can be of various types. You can choose the service that is required for your business. Member’s directory data entry includes converting, creating, maintaining and managing a directory of all the members of organisations. It might also involve the same for members of other organisations for business purposes.

You might need member’s directory data entry services when you want to explore your services to the members of those organizations. This will help you to have and maintain a list of leads for your business. The professionals working with us have years of experience in creating and maintaining such lists and are in a position to provide you with the level of quality that would be effective for your business.

Benefits to your company by outsourcing membership directories for data entry

  • Business specific customisable solutions.
  • Round the clock support services.
  • Increased profits at affordable cost to the company.
  • High level of accuracy in data and reports.
  • More focus on core business operations.

Why We??

At Outsource Data Entry Services (ODES) we first focus on understanding the requirements of your business and give advice regarding the best course of action. We follow a client-centric approach in our organisation and ensure 100% accuracy of data and reports by using variety of quality checks.