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Microfilm Scanning Services

Get your data from Microfilms into readable format!

Outsource Data Entry Services (ODES) provides excellent microfilm scanning services that enable customers to productively unlock the real value of information enclosed in their files. Being reckoned as an industry leader in microfilm scanning services, we have an extensive experience in this field. Our team of experts uses the state of the art technology in combination with high speed scanners, bar code recognition, and Optical Character Recognition systems to process files or documents efficiently and accurately. Our microfilm conversion is unmatched.

Using latest image enhancement and scanning software, we at Outsource Data Entry Services (ODES) can help to digitize clients’ existing microfilm, producing images which often are comparatively better in quality than the original film. Our microfilm conversion service helps in creating a high-quality digital image for every type of public and private organizations. With our services, any image can be displayed via an easy keystroke and above all can be universally accessed through the internet. By removing the burdensome manual search as well retrieval process, the digital microfilm scanning services provided by our team helps in optimizing record retrieval thereby increasing the productivity of one’s organization.

Benefits of our Microfilm Scanning Services

  • Better conversion accuracy
  • Affordable price scheme
  • Internet or local web access
  • Supreme quality adaptable greyscale output
  • Decreases the need for expensive and large office or storage space
  • No chance of misplacement

We at Outsource Data Entry Services (ODES) help clients to convert their archival film to a digital image which they can access instantly in a secure electronic format. We are well known for completing the clients’ conversion project within record time. Our proficient team uses the most exceptional microfilm equipment and scanner to provide customers the best quality. Just send us the fiche or film and we will send it to you at your required turnaround time.

Our Microfilm Scanning Services incorporate

  • Electronic document management software and consulting recommendations
  • Electronic and Micrographic imaging hardware
  • Micrographic supplies
  • Indexing Services
  • Archival copy of a digitized image to microfilm
  • Microfilm scanning services
  • Paper scanning services covering every style of document including an engineering drawing
  • Film development services
  • Microfilm services of every document type

Clients microfilm scanning assignment is undoubtedly in safe hands with Outsource Data Entry Services (ODES). Our professionals have the expertise to do one’s microfilm conversion assignment on-site at their location or ours, catering to their requirement. Our years of indexing, conversion and compilation skill save our patrons’ money, labour efforts and time. We are here in making an otherwise burdensome process, tireless and seamless for our clients and thereby undertake the labour, burden and technology decisions needed during large as well as small conversion projects.