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MobiPocket Conversion Services

Outsource MobiPocket Conversion Services

Mobipocket is a standard base for eBook reading experience in PCs as well as pocket devices like tablet PCs, iPhones and iPads. Since this binary distributional format for eBooks supports almost all standard HTML formats, it has become the choicest option for readers, authors and publishers.

At Outsource Data Entry Services (ODES), we have conducted extensive research on MobiPocket and found out that it works efficiently with open standards like XHTML, OEB and Javascript. Moreover, it also sorts out problems related to the display of eBook contents in different devices. Thus, we have developed our infrastructure to provide you the most satisfactory MobiPocket conversion services for your eBooks.

Why we recommend MobiPocket conversion

Our years of experience have taught us one thing; undisturbed reading experience of eBooks and digitized manuscripts across different distribution formats and electronic devices lead to increased audience attention. This is the reason we strongly recommend that you must opt for MobiPocket conversion services. There are other reasons behind this suggestion too, such as:

  • User friendly customization:
  • When users opt for MobiPocket conversion services from us, all the electronic content become customizable by them! Thus, they can adjust the line spacing, font size, font type, margin size or anything they want for better reading experiences.

  • Orderly display
  • We guarantee you that MobiPocket conversion services will give you freedom to choose frames that harmonize with the dimension, resolution and other technical specifications of the reading device you are using. Thus, you can be assured that while reading an eBook the screen in your portable device will remain as clutter free as a PC screen. The same binary file will work efficiently on different platforms.

  • DRM protected
  • As eBook reader, you can be confident that the file format which you use is fully secured when you use MobiPocket. Similarly, the publishers can also be assured that the ingrained DRM protection of MobiPocket will make its distribution safe.

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Why you should choose us

We believe in developing trustworthy relationship with our esteemed clients. Thus, you can experience the following advantages when you trust us with your MobiPocket conversion processes.

  • Multi format support:
  • Our upgraded software allows us to convert multiple input files into .mobi format. We offer uniform consistency in converting different input formats. We also convert hardcover and paperback formats into .mobi format.

  • Composite solutions:
  • We provide the most comprehensive MobiPocket conversion processes so that you do not need different service providers for different conversion services.