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Offers & Discounts

We offer great discounts based on the volumes and contract period of a project.

The discounts are applicable depending upon the volume and required turnaround times. For more details and eligibility for above discounts please send an email to us at Our representative will respond within 12 to 24 hours.

About Us

We are India based outsourcing services provider offering cost effective and quality services like data entry services, data conversion, data mining, XML conversion, eBook conversion, document scanning, indexing and other back office support services.

We have 15+ years of management experience and above that most trusted team of professionals with vast experience and knowledge. We maintain our quality of service by implementing the best standards in each aspect of the project and deliver accurate data no matter what size the project is. We work out different processes and pricing strategy that fits into client’s budget. Read more

Are you new to Outsourcing?

If you are new to outsourcing, here are some basic guidelines to know how to find a right partner to outsource work:

  • Do not trust companies based on their Search Engine page results alone.
  • Look at their total experience as a organization, ask for and talk to people in their management.
  • See to it that they can share some local references i.e. people located near you.
  • Engage them on a sample exercise and if you find their quality and professionalism is satisfactory, then alone proceed ahead with them. Read more

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  • Outsource Data Entry Services (ODES)

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  • US: 347-809-3392 | UK: 020-3239-3523

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