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Printed Documents Data Entry

Data Entry Solutions for Printed Documents

Today the inclination of businesses is to become paperless. In order to strive in this competition you need to convert all your printed and handwritten contents into electronic format. But things can become hectic if you deal with bulk documents in handwritten and printed formats daily. This is when you will feel the need to go for printed documents data entry and conversion services.

Outsource Data Entry Services (ODES) believes that printed documents data entry and conversion is not a simple task. Therefore, we provide a composite solution that comprises of data processing and data management simultaneous with data entry.

How we help you

Our qualified operators are equipped with the latest technologies and infrastructure which helps them in attaining 99.99% accuracy in data entry and conversion of hand written and printed data into most popularly used digitized formats. We help you in the following ways:

  • Multi format input and output sources:
  • We have the technological know-how which enables us to mine and process input data that come through sources like paper format, scanned images, handwritten forms, etc. Similarly, we execute our client’s request and provide output data in different electronic formats like word, PDF, etc. Clients with unstructured input data can also feel free to experience our printed document data entry and conversion services.

  • Reduced cost and economical offerings:
  • We help our clients in reducing their overhead costs by making them focus on their core processes. Our highly upgraded infrastructure helps in faster and flawless execution of the task, which simultaneously saves our time and money. This helps us in quoting the most competitive rates in comparison to the highly professional services that we provide.

  • Encouraging better business decisions
  • We reduce inconsistency in their supplied data and remove typos, spelling mistakes and missing data by applying our manual and automated processes. We also make detailed research on critical information about the input data supplied to us for producing the most dependable final database. Thus, the references taken from these completed electronic output data helps businesses in making better business predictions and taking timely decisions.

  • Provision of universal data solutions
  • Together with the provision of client specific data entry and conversion services for printed documents, we also produce data solutions that have universal appeal. Thus, these solutions provided by Outsource Data Entry Services (ODES) serve the requirements of businesses of different profiles, such as publishing companies, educational institutions, corporate entities, newly emergent organizations, libraries and established firms.

  • Complete quality assurance
  • We claim with conviction that we are among those handful of service providers who can give in writing that clients will not have to make any compromise in quality. Thanks to our years of experience in data entry processes which helps us in identifying the bottleneck areas of each task we handle. The practical knowledge of our researchers, editors, proofreaders and operators team up with it to provide high quality service.