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Real Estate Data Entry

Complete Real Estate Data Entry Solutions

Real estate is a booming business sector today. Those who are in this business will certainly agree that their offices get overloaded everyday with data generated from legal papers, property valuation reports, sales details, adding new properties residential or commercial for sale, properties residential or commercial for rentals and updating the database regularly, and many other real estate related documents. These data need to be processed properly in order to help you in your business processes.

But at Outsource Data Entry Services (ODES) we understand that trying to execute the entire real estate data entry and processing job in-house can turn you away from your core processes. So, we guarantee to take away your tension of taking care of these real estate related routine tasks.

Services we offer

Outsource Data Entry Services (ODES) believes that real estate data entry is a specialized job. Thus, we have a team who are experienced in handling real estate data entry, so that we can provide our clients with the most bespoke services and win back highest level of customer satisfaction.

The following are our offerings for our esteemed clients:

  • Consolidating client details:
  • We execute data entry processes that are aimed at systematizing the details of your customers.

  • Creation of new real estate database:
  • We create new property databases that comprise of the latest information of the industry like properties for sale, properties for rentals.

  • Specialized data entry:
  • Our team comprises of expert operators who conduct specialized property related data entry tasks, such as entering information related to residential and commercial property sale or rentals, keying in sales history of properties, making property taxation and insurance related data entry and capturing data from array of databases.

Reasons to rely upon us

    Our motto is to give you the service that is worth your hard earned money. Since real estate industry needs full focus on the core processes, we take care of your complete property related back office jobs.

    Below are the factors that will give you enough reasons to rely on our services:

  • Our Experience: We have served many clients with their specific real estate related needs since our launch.
  • Operational cost cutting: We help you save a great percentage of your capital on operational cost when you consider us as your outsourcing agent. This is because you do not need to engage your human resource in unproductive processes and incur any unnecessary cost as a consequence.
  • Economical service: We offer the most competitive prices for the real estate data entry services that we offer. You can simultaneously remain assured of high quality 99.99% accurate service from us.