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Rebate Forms Data Entry

Outsource Rebate Forms Data Entry Services

Rebates and discounts are the marketing tools of most businesses today which help in winning immediate customer attention. Companies believe that offering rebates on particular products and services make their targeted customers believe that their purchasing power has got boosted up quite unexpectedly and they can opt for more products and services within the estimated budget!

But most companies remain engrossed in their core activities and forget to process these rebate forms so that customers can redeem them. This generates distrust among the customers about the offers in these rebates.

Companies which equally prioritize on customer reliability prefer to outsource their rebate forms data entry and processing tasks. This helps them in focusing consistently on their key business activities simultaneous with making their customers rely on the promises made in the rebate forms. But enjoying high class rebate processing service is only possible when the outsourcing partner has enough experience and knowledge in the matter. Thus, Outsource Data Entry Services (ODES) is the preferred choice of most top rated companies of the industry for their rebate forms data entry and processing requirements.

Services we provide

Outsource Data Entry Services (ODES) is one of those handfuls of service providers which enjoy global acclamation for its high quality offerings, 99.99% accurate results and appreciably economical service. Thus, our list of esteemed clients includes suppliers, manufacturers, retailers, service providers and commercial firms which are located all over the globe. Since we consider every client important, we provide the most tailor made services for each and every client.

Below are some of the rebate forms data processing services we provide:

  • Manual data entry of rebate forms
  • Online and offline database entry of rebate forms
  • Processing and validating rebate claims forms with double keyed data entry
  • Processing of rebate check
  • Our services do not end here. We have more to offer you. Email us to discuss!

Our work flow

Our years of industry experience have taught us that processing of rebate forms is a skilled task which requires systematic approach and eye for details. So, our workflow is as follows:

  • Forms received: Rebate forms completed by the customers during sales are sent to us via mails, hardcopy formats and online database with confirmation of purchase requirements.
  • Information substantiation: Each inbound rebate form is compared with the business regulations supplied by our clients and the data incorporated by their customers in the rebate forms.
  • Data mining: In connotation with the layout of each client we mine relevant data from the rebate forms, customer receipts and product codes.