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Student Application Forms Data Entry

Outsource Student Application Forms Data Entry

Institutions offering education to students will certainly agree with it that half of their valuable time gets slipped away in managing the records of each student and processing different student application forms. Although these tasks are not the core activities of these institutions, they are vital for a systematized management structure. But executing these processes in-house engages their human resource, thus leading to wastage of money too!

Outsource Data Entry Services (ODES), one of the pioneers in the industry for providing top graded student application forms data entry and processing services, acknowledges the requirements of each clients. Thus, we always maintain transparency with our clients so that they can keep a track on the flow of our work processes. In addition to this, we maintain consistency in communicating with each client so that we can initiate them about the status of their assignments and get feedback from them. This strategy helps our clients depend upon us.

Steps we follow

Processing of student application forms is a specialized task. Since each assignment comes with a very short timescale, we need to provide deadline oriented services together with great attention to each detail. Therefore, in order to provide a holistic end to end solution, we pursue the following steps:

  • Receiving input documents
  • In this very initial stage, we receive the student application forms both via conventional paperback format as well as electronic format.

  • Stamping the documents
  • We emphasize upon creating a checklist for each document by stamping them with a unique reference code. This helps us in keeping a track on each of the student application forms sent by each client.

  • Scanning of the files
  • All the inbound files are scanned now as part of the student application form processing procedure. We have separate tools for scanning electronic and printed applications.

  • Processing the documents
  • The scanned application forms are now processed using multiple tools and technologies. We bank upon multiple applications because each process has different characteristics. For instance, processing requirements of an application form for a full time course will be different from an application form meant for a weekly or a part-time course. Thus, the composite technical infrastructure of Outsource Data Entry Services (ODES) retains consistency of each work also saving time in the process!

  • Dispatching the ready works
  • Now the finalized and completed student application forms are ready to get dispatched. During this stage we choose distribution channels and formats that are specifically mentioned by each of our customers. We also keep requests of some clients to provide digitized and printed formats of the final application forms.

Our competitive advantage

  • We promise privacy of your documents
  • We guarantee 99.99% accuracy in service
  • We offer transparency.