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Survey Forms Data Entry

Outsource Survey Forms Data Entry

Survey forms have great potentials for every business. The data generated by these forms help firms in making business decisions, planning their marketing activities and customizing their offerings as per the preferences of their targeted consumer market.

While the merits of survey forms are endless, Outsource Data Entry Services (ODES) understands that attempting to process survey forms in-house can appear extremely tedious and time consuming. Thus, we have tailored our survey forms data entry and processing services as per your needs. Our motto is to take the responsibility of making this difficult task easy for you!

Services we provide

We enjoy client loyalty and global acclamation due to our methodical approach, competitive quotations, unquestionable quality of our services and strictly time pressed delivery. Our intention is to cater to a plethora of survey forms processing needs generated from our corporate customers having different business profiles. Our highly personalized services include the following:

  • Data entry of product survey forms
  • Data entry of marketing survey forms
  • Data entry of company survey forms
  • Data entry of legal survey forms

Our offerings are even more. Email us to get detailed information!

Our work flow

We have always been appreciated by our clients for our disciplined and systematic approach. Thus, the major workflow of survey forms data processing is as follows:

  • Data mining: We mine and extract inbound data from emails, web resources as well as hardcopy sources.
  • Authentication of data: The received data are manually verified by our team of experts. We also employ OCR technology to verify the data.
  • Data processing: After authentication and interpretation of data as per their relevancy with each survey forms and guidelines supplied by our clients, they are sent to the systems of our operators for processing.
  • Dispatch of data: The organized and useful data files are now transferred either to the clients’ system or handed over in paperback format as per client specification.

Our competitive advantages

  • Quality: Our key strength is the quality of survey forms data processing service that we provide. Our unique combination of manual and latest technical processes help us in guaranteeing 99.99% accuracy in work.
  • Cost effectiveness: The moment you assign us with a task, we provide you an upfront price quotation. Thus, there is no fear of any hidden cost. In addition to this, we offer much economical quotations than other service providers of the industry. Further, by helping you completely concentrate in your core activities we save 60% of your overhead cost!
  • Customized solutions: We receive inbound survey forms in electronic, printed, structured as well as unstructured form. We process them and dispatch them in the format specified by clients. We can consistently handle bulk projects as well as individual assignments with the same uniformity in quality.