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Data Capture Services

How Data Capture Services Benefit Businesses?

Well-organised data helps you to make informed business decisions. However, accurately capturing data from scanned documents can be a difficult task. If you develop an in-house team for this work, you will have to incur huge costs and what happens to them when you need to scale down your projects? Do you keep paying their salaries even when they have nothing to do? You can avoid such a situation by outsourcing your data capturing services to us. You can hire a team of dedicated data capture professionals at Outsource Data Entry Services (ODES).

What Does It Mean by Data Capturing?

The process of extracting data from scanned files after identifying the data refers to data capturing. You might have large amount of data in documents and forms that need to be captured in the right format and organised and indexed properly. If not done professionally, it might result in loss of operational efficiency.

You can relieve yourself from the laborious task of extracting valuable data from documents and forms having numerous and complex fields by hiring our world-class services. We simplify your data capture services to help you increase your profits. Data may be captured from a large number of sources which include research forms, photographs, survey forms, health records, applications, directories, checks, business cards, graphs, scanned invoices, charts, bills, web sites and questionnaires.

Benefits of Outsourced Data Capturing Services

  • Make informed decisions with the help of the right data.
  • Easily upscale or downscale your projects as per your business requirement.
  • Enjoy smooth business operations with the help of accurate, indexed and accurate data captured by data entry professionals.
  • Ensure 100% security of your data.
  • Enjoy data capture services tailor-made to meet your business needs.

Why Hire Us?

Over the years we have acquired a leading position in the field of offshore data capturing. Every year we capture data from millions of documents and forms from our clients, ensuring smooth operations at their end. The experienced professionals working with us compile the captured data in excel spreadsheets or key into software or CRMs. We employ the highest standards of information safety to ensure the complete security of your data.