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Forms Processing Services

Outsourcing Forms Processing Services

Today businesses and institutions need to process different types of forms, such as processing of invoices, filling up of insurance forms for the employees, opening new accounts with banks and other business institutions and processing customer survey forms. These routine tasks consume great deal of time. In addition to it, human resource, which has been appointed for a different purpose, remains engaged in these unproductive tasks of form processing. Thus, drainage of money without channelizing it in core processes has become the common saga of most businesses today.

But Outsource Data Entry Services (ODES) helps you in reducing cost on unproductive processes. We also help you focus on utilizing your resources to their optimum potentials in order to aid your core activities. To be specific, our forms processing services takes care of all your day to day needs. We also claim with pride that we are one of the best service providers who treat each form processing requirement separately. Our aim is to attain 99.99% precision in processing both electronic and printed forms, and win back your reliability.

How we treat each request

We have expert operators who are highly competent in executing bulk forms processing services within the shortest possible time. We also make extensive use of latest tools and technology so that you are fully satisfied with our outsourcing solutions. We employ the following measures as per each form processing request that is sent to us.

  • Automated forms and application processing
  • We have learnt through our years of practical experience that automated forms, account opening forms and submission forms are distinctly different. Since processing of these forms demand recognition of array of character combinations, we use technologies like ICR, OCR and OMR. To our field based knowledge, OCR technology is best for machine printed texts, for validation of signature boxes and check boxes OMR is perfect and for processing hand printed forms ICR is ideal.

  • Partly structured forms and documents processing
  • We even accept processing request of semi structured forms and documents. We employ the latest technologies and skills to convert these semi-structured input files into structured files of client specified format. These input files are mined from digital resources as well as in the form of paperback format. During processing they are validated and categorized according to relevancy. Both manual and mechanized processes are used to make them complete. The ready files are either stored electronically for on-screen access or transferred to the client specified system.

  • Loan forms processing
  • We employ our highly professional back office staff for extracting and categorizing the relevant data from loan proposals. Our sole intention is to speed up the process and provide our clients with accurate data that can be relied upon for major decision making processes. Therefore, we extract data, processing the loan forms and feed the input files into our clients’ systems directly.